Success case

We built Sidersa´s stand for Expoagro

Present in Expoagro

We built Sidersa´s stand for 2019 Exposagro Fair and we created a meeting point for the clients to know more information about the company.


days in Expoagro


clients in the stand


visits to the plant


Clients´ loyalty.

That year´s goal was to make a stand to strengthen the working bonds with Sidersa´s clients .


A meeting point

We built a 72 mts stand with the necessary amenities for the visitors to be comfortable and get to know the new products line and generate a conversation spot where to advise and answer all the questions. The highlight was to make the stand a meeting point and then visit the plant on a tour which finished with a lunch or cocktail depending on the day.


Interested clients

Clients enjoyed the stand facilities and several conversations with the salespeople were generated throughout the four days of the exhibition. As well, they took advantage of the guided tour to get to know the company and be closer to the brand, strengthening the working bonds.