What if we do a mapping on the Flag Memorial?

We dyed the city pink
for the Breast Cancer
Awareness Month

We organized an integral communication campaign so as to reach all the women
in the city and raise awareness of this disease.

We leant on traditional media, by performing a main shocking action
Unprecedented BTL: a mapping on the National Flag Memorial.

BTL, social media
and traditional press

Based on
true facts

By taking Instagram as the spine of the campaign, we developed 6 communicative axes. These were focused on approaching the breast cancer fears, doubts and concerns that worried women the most.

We surveyed over 100 women

BTL explosive impact +

We managed to bring up a topic in the city

As well as making an impact on those present in the event, we created images so shocking that many people shared photos, videos and comments about the action.

+245 thousand external followers

It was shared by accounts with great influence on the city and by massive media.


Inspired by the campaign spirit, other buildings of the city joined #ROSARIOROSA.

We started conversations

In my case, I didn´t have family history and I have breast cancer - my surgery performed in 1989. Thanks to the doctor, a great professional, and Grupo Oroño, where I have been undertaking my medical studies since then. Excellent attention.

I was cured!
It was detected on time

It´s true! In my case, today it has been two years since my surgery and I´m absolutely fine! I don´t have history in my family. Thanks, Elas, for the excellent attention. Thanks, doctor. Thanks

We started conversationss

Because of the proposal, many women wanted to shared their experience and information with others. What´s more, we managed to make a positive impact of the brand and a strong identification with its professionals.

+2000 interactions on social media and in real time
through Instagram and Facebook live .

Thanks to the combination of different actions and the rapid response of the media we managed to spread this piece of news in the city and its surroundings, creating close conversations with our target audience



946.431 people

Total reach

We reached 100%

of our goals regarding new followers