Consultancy and new identity
of an agricultural consultant

The stages of this project that we
conceived for the new brand, Acertagro,
were: research, analysis, naming and graphic identity development.


Acertagro is an enterprise dedicated to agricultural management, control and consultancy.
It is located in the north of the province of Buenos Aires.


So as not to make decisions in a hurry and then be able to support them, we carried out research which gave us some insights that enabled us to move on not only with the naming process but also with the new graphic identity.


Thanks to the conceptual development and the way the brand was conceived, we worked on unifying criteria, taking the field into account. At the same time, we generated a category upgrade, by creating a contemporary brand with future perspective.

A new brand

With a solid conceptual development and a suitable graphic platform, we unified criteria that enabled us to communicate different features of the company. Consequently, we could create a young and contemporary brand with a long-term vision..